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This brand new collection from Bret Fetzer features a variety of dark and delicious stories, set in European forests, Arabian deserts, and Asian hillsides, as well as several stories set in an urban, quasi-Victorian world. A stone gargoyle falls in love; a surly girl becomes more docile after her mother sticks a pin into her head; an imperial banquet leads to peril for a young man with a question for an empress---these stories and many more will delight anyone who remembers the innocence and malice of childhood.
ISBN: 0-9724763-0-X $14.95



A wonderfully varied collection of unpredictable, startling, and seductive fairy tales. A princess who doesn't want to get married tricks her suitors into marrying beasts; the daughter of fisherman is imprisoned by a fish in an undersea palace; a boy tries to rescue a girl whose heart is infested by a worm. "Fetzer has struck upon a perfect blend and balance of the absurd and the marvelous, of insight and observation," said Puck, a journal of Literature of the Fantastic. "[Fetzer's tales] have the wayward inevitability of "real" folk tales, their contemporary overtones never merely knowing or cute but firmly rooted in the dark, rich mulch of myth," said Seattle Weekly.
ISBN: 0-9724763-1-8 $9.95


Six of Fetzer's most popular stories, read by the author himself in his inimitable style. Recorded live, Fetzer's reading enhances the sly undertones of the twisty tales. Featuring two stories now out of print --- "The Romantic Pig" and "Seventeen Princesses" --- and one story hitherto unpublished: "The Book of Tongues." Describing his readings, The Stranger said: "Bret Fetzer engages the mind, telling odd fairy tales with such intrigue that his hour on the stage seems to vanish in an instant."
ISBN: 0-9724763-2-6 $11.95

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